An audit is one of the core functions of our Chartered Accountant firm.

Objective of Audit

In short, the main objective of the audit is to express an independent opinion.

This opinion is expressed in determining whether an entity’s financial statements comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards requirements as approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the opinion should also mention that the financial statements give an accurate and fair view of the financial position of the entity being audited.

To achieve the objective (and to express an opinion), we perform our audit following International Standards on Auditing.

We focus on obtaining sufficient, reliable, relevant audit evidence to form an opinion.

An audit involves making the best use of resources available to us, the specialty of our professional staff, and their time.

Due to the diversified client portfolio, we have developed an audit approach to provide a high degree of flexibility with the involvement of high-level professional judgment in performing the audit.

Key Factors of Audit

Our approach has four key factors discussed:

  • The first key factor is understanding the client – its business, risks, and needs
  • The second key factor is developing a client service strategy based on our understanding of the client
  • The third key factor is translating the strategy into an effective and efficient program of work for the audit
  • The fourth critical factor is drawing appropriate conclusions from audit procedures performed.

Accordingly, our partners have practice licenses approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Firm’s Achievement of Quality Control Rating

Furthermore, the firm has also obtained Quality Control Rating from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Lastly, the firm can perform audits of large-scale entities due to the recognition mentioned above.

In addition to auditing services, our firm provides the following services as well:

  1. Taxation Services
  2. Accounting Services
  3. Business process outsourcing Services


Our Audit Includes

Statutory Audit

This type of audit is performed in compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017 is performed by us.

Special Purpose Audit

When an entity requires to ensure their accounting records are correct they appoint our firm to obtain this surety.

Limited Scope Review

When an entity require a bird eye view of their affairs or need to obtain assurance on specific head of accounts then this type of audit is performed.

Small Business Audit

When a small business needs to ensure its affair then they also contact us for performing the audits of small businesses.

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