Consultancy and Advisory

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Gul Ahmed and Co. Chartered Accountants monitor risks and overcome the challenges faced by the organization.

We also tend to meet stringent deadlines and identify personnel to help you with your workforce needs.

We are an expert in the industry ranging from accounting to business and from HR to IT; our flexible approach can transform your businesses into best-performing entities.

Gul Ahmed and Co. Chartered Accountants are admired as an expert in financial record analysis and taxation. We provide a deep insight into the operations through dashboard reporting and summaries for the higher management.

We Cover

Taxation Advisory Services

We provide the best taxation advisory services in the town. Our approach is client based and flexible. Our advises are based on the optimal outcome considering the financial aspect and benefits to the organization.

Corporate Law Advisory Services

We provide corporate law advisory services. We cover all the reporting aspects when giving an advise related to corporate laws.

Incorporation & Joint Ventures

We provide incorporation services related to Corporate and taxation matters.

Merger and Acquisition

We provide merger and acquisition services to our clients.

Suitable Attorneys

Our best business law attorneys will give you good advice